Can You Get Quality Web Design and SEO Services from One Company?

While both the web design and SEO services markets have large providers who specialize in just one or the other of these two areas, it’s not uncommon to find a provider who can more than adequately cover both these important areas for a client. In fact, if you look at what each area does the two must always be worked in conjunction with one another in order for the website to be most effective and be found more readily by popular search engines. In order to understand better how each profession interacts with one another let’s clearly define what talents and expectations you should have when looking at each part of this two part combination.

Successful web design sets out to accomplish some very important features. The most important feature involved in web design is arguably your site’s navigation. Site navigation refers to how well your website is laid out, and how easy it is for new visitors to interact within your site. When looking over samples from a web designer you want to first check how easy it is to find what you are looking for on each site. Does the design make it easy to locate exactly what web searchers are seeking? Is there a search box in which they can search the entire website for their precise inquiry? Are there methods in which to contact your company? All these clickable, actionable and main areas of your website, and how easy it is for new visitors to discover the most important things you want to share with them fall under a sites navigation.

The second most important aspect that a web designer is responsible for is the over all look and aesthetics of your website? How pleasing is it to look at? Is there an obvious theme? Is your brand clearly defined? Is the site focused and specific with your company’s message? Is your company’s name and phone number readily noticeable on each page? All these important features are questions that fall again to the web designer’s area of expertise.

So then what exactly does the SEO services side of the equation bring to the table? Well one without the other does little good. In other words, even if you have the very best in web design elements, a great looking site that is easy to locate information your visitors are going to your site to discover, without the optimization efforts of SEO services no one will ever find your site. It’s the job of the SEO professional to not only discover what keywords and phrases your prospective customers will be typing in to find you, but it is SEO services that communicates to the search engines just what each page on your site is about. The combination of the words and content on each page, coupled with the on-page optimization and placement requirements that aid the search engines in assigning a page rank, and determining what keywords each page on your site is defining.

So it only makes sense that each site must have the expertise of both the web designer and the SEO services expert in order to be successful. This is true for all sites, however, it is especially true for brand new sites, or sites that are undergoing large changes. Why is this the case? New sites, as well as sites that undergo large changes must be indexed initially by the search engines to determine precisely what each page on the website is about. So although you may hire a top notch web designer and programing service, if they pay no attention to the vitally important SEO on page optimization requirements for each individual page, the search engines will not assign a good page rank. Poor page ranks, or non-optimized pages are very seldom ever listed under any specific search terms, so in essence this means that its likely no one will find your website unless they happen to type in your exact website address.

The main thing to remember is that the two must be present in each page on your website, so when you decide to make any design changes to your website be sure that your provider understands that SEO services are equally as important as any design changes.